1) Create an Admin Account

Access the following page after initiating it at the URL:


[xxx]: The unique name provided to you by MeshCheckout.

Enter the details for the admin account. This is the sole account in the system, so ensure the security of this account. You won’t be able to create another admin account after this one.

2) Gateway Login

Log in to the gateway account at:

Username/Password: Use the admin account created earlier.

3) Set Up Mesh Site – Subsite

  1. Receive the file after registering for an account.
  2. Install the MeshCheckout Connect plugin on the mesh site – the website used to send payment information to PayPal.
  3. Activate the plugin and access the menu at Settings > MeshCheckout Connect.
  4. Enter gateway information and click Save Changes (The gateway link does not have a trailing / at the end of the URL).
  5. After the page is reloaded, you will see a Connect Now button at the top of the page. Click Connect Now button to link the mesh site to the gateway.

After clicking “Connect Now“, the page will display the “Integrate” section. Click on “Integrate Now” to add the mesh site to the system.

You can also click “Setup Accounts” to access the page that lists all the mesh sites for managing their information.


4) Configure PayPal for the Mesh Site – Subsite

After adding the mesh site to the gateway, access the “Payment Sites” menu and select “All Sites” on the gateway website.

Click on the mesh site you wish to configure by selecting it and then click the “Settings” button on the respective site.


PayPal Client ID and PayPal Client Secret by following the instructions provided at this link: PayPal Client ID and Secret Guide.

PayPal Mode: If you’re using it for testing payments, select “Sandbox.” For live production sites, choose “Live.”

Is Active: Select “Enable” to activate the mesh site for payments.

Group: Enter a name or select from an existing group to assign this mesh site to a group. This is used to categorize PayPal accounts during payment. Leave it empty if you don’t want to set a group for this mesh site.

Once you’ve entered the details, click “Update Site” to finish the setup.

5) Set Up Payment Methods (On the Main Site)

After receiving the file from MeshCheckout upon account registration:

Log in to your main e-commerce website (money site).

Install and activate the plugin on your store from the downloaded zip file. Install it through the menu “Plugins” > “Add New” then choose “Upload File” and press Install button, after that press Active Plugin after uploaded.

Next, go to “WooCommerce” > “Settings” > “Payments.”

Find the payment method “MeshCheckout Paypal” and click “Setup

Configure the following options:

  • Enable: Turn on/off the payment method.
  • Gateway URL: The URL of the gateway – https://[xxx] (replace [xxx] with your domain, and note that there should be no trailing /).
  • Token Secret: The token key of the gateway – you can find this in the gateway’s Dashboard.
  • Group ID: ID of the group you want to use for payments. If you don’t enter a group ID, payments will use any random mesh site available in the system.
  • Paypal Sandbox: Activate this option to use only accounts with a PayPal Mode of “sandbox” for payments. Deactivate it to use live PayPal accounts for payments on live sites.
  • Debug Log: It’s recommended to enable this for system log checking in case of errors. Enabling this option makes it easier to reconcile and troubleshoot issues.
  • Disable Shipping Address: For PayPal payments, you can disable sending shipping information to PayPal. This is useful when you sell digital products, and customers don’t need to input billing and shipping information during checkout.

Refer to the images below for further reference.